FatLoops.com – Your Free Resource of Samples, Loops & Presets

On FatLoops you will find constantly growing catalog of free samples, loops, construction kits + presets for your favorite virtual synthesizers & DAW’s. We have 10 years of experience on “sample libraries market” with previous versions of FatLoops.com, and also with our award-winning label FatLoud.

Free doesn’t need to mean “low quality”

Don’t be fooled by the word free as a synonymous of “low quality” 🙂 All sounds available on FatLoops are pro mixed, mastered & composed to give you professional quality sounds FOR FREE.


One of the answers for this questions is “because we can” – having resources to work in free distribution model, passion and experienced in-house producers team, we think we are ready to deliver you the best sounds free of charge!

Now you probably understand why we have leaved the market last year (2015). To start something better, stronger and most important to help you produce great music without ripping you off, beacouse we UNDERSTAND today is year 2016, not 2006 or 1999, PAYD digital delivery model is not enough now.

How it works?

We will start slowly release new packs in free model, and also each week we will release samples which we have in our catalog from past years (2008 – 2015), and it’s a TON of content of award winning products, at the moment not available nearly anywhere to purchase.